About Us


What are the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres?

The Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres are non-profit, community governed, multi-service health centres that provide primary health care, health promotion and community development services all under one roof.

We are designed with the community in mind and for that reason we serve persons of all ages who are economically and/or socially disadvantaged with a focus on:
– Mental health and addictions
– Persons that face barriers such as race, language, culture and sexual orientation
– Persons who are homeless/under-housed or at risk for homelessness


Together with our clients and community partners, we provide access to a broad range of services that promote health and improve wellbeing.


The best possible health and wellbeing for those we serve.little-girls-playing


At the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres we believe that values are important and culture counts.   We will strive to use these values in all that we do.

  • respect
  • person-centred care
  • trust
  • equity
  • teamwork & partnerships
  • excellence

Client Rights

As a CKCHC client, you have the right to:  

  • be treated with respect and dignity, and without discrimination;  
  • expect that your values, beliefs and behaviours respected;  
  • receive appropriate service or treatment that is professional, courteous, caring, and timely;  
  • expect that your personal health information will be kept confidential;  
  • expect that your health care providers will work together to give you care;  
  • be informed about preventative care;  
  • understand your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis;  
  • be listened to and ask questions or express concerns;  
  • make choices about treatments, and be informed of the health risks and benefits of your decisions;  
  • recognition of all areas that impact your health including your family, friends, community, social, cultural and  spiritual beliefs and traditions;   
  • be involved in the development of your plan of care;  
  • consent to or refuse service or treatment;  
  • access your health record information, in accordance with legislation; and provide feedback on CKCHC  programs and services.

Client Responsibilities

As a client of services provided by the CKCHC you have the responsibility to:  show respect and consideration for staff, volunteers, visitors and other service users;   


  • follow the CKCHC’s infection control policies;   
  • arrive early for your appointment or group;   
  • please call to cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time if you can’t make your appointment;   
  • follow the plan for your healthcare and if unable to adhere to your plan, talk to your healthcare  provider;   
  • know your medications and keep your medication record up to date;  
  • keep your immunization record up to date;  
  • report to your provider about your symptoms and changes in your health between visits;   
  • report to your healthcare provider about all the treatments you are using for your health, including  medications (prescribed and non‐prescribed);   
  • report to your healthcare provider about all visits to healthcare providers outside of the CKCHC, including  emergency room visits and walk‐in clinics;   
  • respect and follow group rules so that everyone is able to enjoy and participate in community groups;   
  • keep information learned about other clients and group members confidential;   
  • help the CKCHC keep a safe environment by informing staff and volunteers when you see unsafe  conditions; and  
  • arrive for your appointment in the best possible condition to participate in your care, free from the effects  of alcohol and illegal substances.

People we want to help

  • People who don’t have a primary care provider
  • People who experience challenges in getting the health care they need


Our Promise

The staff at the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and will work together with you to develop a plan that works for you.