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Merry Mingle

This is a FREE annual holiday lunch open to everyone in the community. Held in various settings in Chatham, Wallaceburg and Walpole Island, clients and community members enjoy a wholesome meal while interacting with one another. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 117.

Temporary Foreign Worker Outreach Clinics

The Temporary Foreign Workers outreach clinics are committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of migrant workers in the Chatham-Kent agricultural sector. Our outreach clinics ensure easier and more convenient access to healthcare while away from their home. Our dedicated team comprising of a Health Promoter, Registered Practical Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, specializes in providing essential acute medical care services and tailored health education. This initiative not only addresses health concerns, but also fosters an environment where migrant workers can maintain their health, enabling them to effectively manage work and life challenges in a new setting. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 165.

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