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Mental Health & Addictions

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Bent Not Broken

A group intended for rebuilding a couple’s bond through emotion-focused therapy. Couples will be able to learn cyclical patterns in the relationship, expand awareness and ability to tune into their partner, and be provided the knowledge and skills to help rebuild their bond. For couples aged 18+. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 171.

Bundle of Arrows

This is a program for men aged 18+ who are seeking strength in unity, on a path to addiction recovery. Some of the topics included during this 11-week program are: The Anger/Addiction Connection, The Cycle of Anger, and Forgiveness. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 134. 

Chatham-Kent Addictions Awareness Conference

Dr. Stephanie Covington is coming to Chatham-Kent on Thursday November 17, 2022. She will be address trauma-informed services and the five core values, roles of gender socialization and its implications for treatment approaches, and gender-responsive curricula and interventions (including transgender). There is a cost for this conference. Register here before November 4, 2022 so you don’t miss out!

Illumination: Dream Beyond Today

This is a 24-week program that uses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). It teaches new skills and supports the needs of individuals who are living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and/or meet some of the criteria for BPD. Available only to CHC clients aged 18+. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 1.

Mind Over Mood

Change the way you feel by changing the way you think. This 12-week program allows participants to learn to identify, rate, and track changes in feelings and follow step by step strategies to improve moods. Mind Over Mood helps people manage multiple challenges such as feelings of depression, anxiety, anger/guilt/shame through the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. There is a small cost for the workbook. Available only to CHC and Bluewater Methadone Clinic clients. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 1.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Using the wisdom of body and mind to face stress, pain, illness and suffering! For those struggling with physical and/or emotional life issues, this 10-week program offers formal and informal mindful meditation practices. Participants will learn to counteract stress, balance mind and body, stimulate
well-being and healing, and much more. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 117. 

Neighbours, Friends & Families Working Together to End Abuse

This FREE community workshop is open to everyone. It covers recognizing the warning signs and risk factors for abuse, discussing the continuum of risk for victims, identifying the impacts on children living in a home with coercive control, understanding the power of isolation, and the aftermath of domestic violence. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 134.


A 10-week outpatient aftercare program to support maintenance of treatment gains and to foster a sustainable lifestyle for individuals in recovery from addiction.  This program uses mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to provide methods for coping with urges and cravings that may be triggers for relapse across a variety of addictive behaviours. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 134.

Smoking Cessation Counselling & Supports

Our smoking cessation counselling team provides counselling and health teaching for those who are looking to reduce or quit smoking cigarettes. During your appointment, the smoking cessation counsellor will review your smoking history, goals and available treatment options. Through a partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) through the STOP study program, we are able to provide free nicotine replacement therapy products to eligible clients. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 131. 

Speak Up!

Designed for adults aged 18+, this 10-week program assists participants in enhancing communication skills within relationships. It also teaches them strategies to become more assertive in their daily lives. Come by and start communicating your needs today! For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 1.

Women’s Anger Solutions

This 10-week program is different from traditional anger management models as it focuses on resolving the emotion of anger rather than teaching participants to control behaviour. This program works to motivate participants to become internally motivated to change their responses to anger. Some of the topics included are: Defining Anger, Understanding How Anger Develops, and Assertiveness and Listening Skills. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 2. 

Chatham-Kent Addictions Awareness Conference

A one-day learning session that is offered annually in November. Various topics in relation to addictions is presented and discussed by educated keynote speakers. This conference is in partnership with Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent, Canadian Mental Health Association, Westover Treatment Centre and the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Mental Health and Addictions Program. A registration cost applies. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 113. 

Mental Health & Addictions Care Coordination

In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton-Kent and the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, clients with mental health and addictions needs can receive care coordination from a Mental Health Care Coordinator. The Coordinator supports the ongoing planning and delivery of care for clients who may require an improved coordinated care planning approach. The Coordinator also collaborates with the Psychiatrist who provides on-site psychiatric services, consult and follow-up in a shared care model. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 1.

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