Anger Solutions for Kids & Youth

A 6-week program for kids and an 8-week program for youth and that incorporates several evidence-based therapeutic models. This program is different from traditional anger management models as it focuses on resolving the emotion of anger rather than teaching participants to control behaviour. This program works to motivate participants to become internally motivated to change their responses to anger. Some of the topics included are: Learning About Emotion, Coping Strategies, and Communication Skills. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 254.

“Since participating in this program, I am choosing better ways to express anger.”

Between the Lines

Designed for youth aged 13-17, this 7-week program focuses on self-harming behaviours. The series includes two sessions for support persons only, four sessions for the impacted youth and two sessions that will bring the support persons and youth together. This program is in partnership with VON Canada. For more information, please call 519-397-5455
ext. 254.

Fresh for Youth

For youth aged 9-17, this is an interactive 4-week learning series in which participants will learn basic cooking skills such as measuring, chopping, calculating yields and using kitchen equipment. Led by a Registered Dietitian, participants create their own supportive and encouraging atmosphere while boosting their confidence and knowledge. Each session provides participants with a chance to make and share a meal, take home leftovers and learn about a new healthy eating topic each week. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 212.

FRIENDS for Life & My FRIENDS Youth Skills for Life

A 10-week school program that teaches resiliency to grades 4 and 6. The FRIENDS for Life program has a focus on feelings, coping, thoughts, social support networks and problem solving. The My FRIENDS Youth Skills for Life goes more in depth on the above mentioned topics and adds in mindfulness, confidence, and self-talk. For more information, please call 519-397-5455 ext. 254.

“I learned how to break a problem into steps and change my feelings.”